batting a thousand

Batting a thousand
(USA) (from baseball) It means to do something perfectly.

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  • be batting a thousand — American to do something extremely well and better than you had hoped to do it. Gloria felt she was batting a thousand. She d got everything she asked for when she saw her boss …   New idioms dictionary

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  • bat a thousand — see ↑bat, 2 • • • Main Entry: ↑thousand * * * bat a ˈthousand idiom (NAmE, informal) to be very successful …   Useful english dictionary

  • bat a thousand — verb a) To reach first base on every at bat. Hes batting a thousand so far with the new boss. b) To achieve success at each attempt. No one can bat a thousand for the whole season. Syn: bat one thousand, two for two …   Wiktionary

  • bat a thousand — hit every time at bat, win every competition    I ve had two interviews and two offers. I m batting a thousand! …   English idioms

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